Memorial for Murray

Murray started Rowdraulics N.Q in 1994 ,starting with carrying out vehicle hoist repairs and installations and slowly moving into hydraulics and general engineering.

He is a great friend to many and was a loving father to his 4 children, a caring partner to Kim, a loving son and brother to Leila and Janetta. He had many hobbies but his great love affair was for anything motorsport, having built many skid cars over the years including his fan favourite 302 Duo, a L300 van with two 302 Cleveland motors in the back to a diff with two diff centres that Murray and his Great late friend Neil Edwards designed one night while having a few to many after work beverages.

He very much loved to have a “fizzy pop” after work and socialize constantly with his many close mates. Many of which would come around to the shed after work to see Murray, have a beer or two and chat nearly daily. It was a rare day when Murray was not surrounded by his friends.

Matt started working for Murray in 2011 after being introduced to Murray by his beloved daughter Bree and eventually agreed to let Matt run the business in place of him. Since then, we moved to a bigger shed on a prominent street at 333 Bayswater Road Garbutt and we have gained some great apprentices and tradesmen.

He is an immense inspiration to us all and aspired to be a father figure to everyone that worked with him. Taking us all under his wing, showing us what we need to do in both business, the trade and as men. He always was there for advice be it business wise or family wise or his preference car wise. But his greatest advice he told us constantly was to be a better man than him (setting the bar pretty high) and look out for your family and mates.

Rowdraulics N.Q will be continuing without him. letting his business legacy live on, but his real legacy is the relationships he leaves behind. His loving partner, His 4 amazing children, his grandchildren that he spoke of constantly, his extended family, the friends he took under his wing, the great mates he would do anything for and anyone whose lives he touched.

Until then Murray I cant wait to have you asking what I am wearing when i make it to you in the land beyond.

“I Do What I Want Noddy”